One Thing We Love, One Thing We Hate, One Thing We’d Live For!

It’s been a not-so-long-minute. 

You guys got me in my feelings this week. Many love our writing style, a few… feel it’s a bit too exciting for them :p but we got news for everybody!!

So here’s a promise from me to you… to cater to as many of you as we can. You matter to us and as your favorite stock market gist partner, I’d do my best to accommodate your feedback. 

Thank you for always consistently tweeting at me… Trust me, I read your tweets and it sure brings a smile to my face.

However, now to the business of the day 😉 You already know! 

One Thing We Love

Apple is the King of Customer Satisfaction – AND making you feel the greatest FOMO if you don’t have an apple gear. Or is it just me? 

Did you join in on the Apple event on Tuesday, dangggg it was so good. Plenty of improvements and slick designs coming from Apple this time around. Did you see what they did with the iMac?? It was bee-you-ti-ful (yea, say it like it’s spelt.. For the dramatic effect, na).

In case you missed it, Apple announced the launch of a newly designed iMac with the new M1 chip: the all-in-one iMac is a ludicrous 11.5 millimeters thick, features a 24-inch Retina display, and comes in 7 different colors. iMac delivers better sound, video and mic quality. *tapping* They also launched a new iPads powered by Apple’s custom M1 chips, the exact same found in its Mac line of laptops and desktops.  Apple says the new processors make the iPad Pro 50% more powerful than the last generation iPad Pro, and 75 times faster than the first iPad. The company also debuted a new airtag and Apple TV.

Tim Cook in 2015: The Ipad was soon going to make the Mac unnecessary for everybody.
Tomi in 2021: 

One Thing We Hate

Netflix’s Plunging Share Price

Things took a different path for Netflix this time, as the company share lost about 14% between Tuesday and Wednesday, although the company reported a better than expected revenue and earning per share. After an astronomical jump during the pandemic, Netflix seems to be falling back to earth. The company reportedly forecasts 1 million new user additions this quarter, which would be its lowest yet. In the first quarter, Netflix saw a user acquisition of 4 million, which was 2 million fewer than it had anticipated. Investors are losing confidence in the company as it is failing to register new paid users. The days of people staying indoors to “Netflix and Chill” are phasing out… Folks are eager to return to their normal lives. I mean, it’s been a whole year!
Wanna get more juice on the Netflix sentiments?

Read Here: What is happening to Netflix

Don’t you just hate it when you beat Revs & EPS but investors still log you out?

One Thing We’d Live For

No Pregnancy Risk From Covid-19 Vaccines

Great news! Pregnant women have been assured that mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna, are safe and can be used. As usual, priority would be placed on age and clinical risk levels. Who’s getting pregnant now? Hehe! Hear this first though: according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pregnant women with Covid-19 are at increased risk for severe illness and may be at increased risk for adverse outcomes, such as preterm birth. However, the study, along with existing research showing mRNA vaccines are effective in pregnant and lactating women, suggests that the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks.

A ray of sunshine!

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