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7 Retail ETFs for the Holidays | Kiplinger

‘Tis the season for shopping …or not!?

Folks are banking on the holiday spending to cash out with retail names in the stock market – be it retail individual stocks or retail ETFs.

Word on the street is that there is an expectation of continued outperformance or record growth in online shopping specifically, despite consumer headwinds tied to the economic slowdown.

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They’re spending, you’re cashing out.
Detty December on deck! 😉


Tech layoffs 2022: Alphabet reportedly prepares to lay off 10,000 employees

Some how, we gotta respect Google for holding it down so far and not joining the slew of blood bath that has engulfed the Tech ecosystem thus far.

However, how much longer would Googlers be safe for?
… that’s the million dollar question

The company’s employees are speaking up about the growing anxiety killing the morale internally – just by the sheer worry of how much longer they’d keep their jobs for.

Who can blame them though?! Employees be like:

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The worst part is that the company is really emphasizing sharpening focus to increase efficiency by an additional 20%.
Sundar: Bring Down The Costs, People – These are crazy times!

We all gotta stay afloat, y’all!!!

The company has also modified its performance assessment process… something think its a ploy to get rid of the bottom performers 

The firm is also reducing expenses on traveling, swags, and other non-essentials.

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