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Blazing the Trail & Raising the Bar …is what we do best!

As you know, the humans of Trove work extremely hard to bring you the most sophisticated tools to up the ante of your trading prowess. We have yet delivered, to you, Your Most Advanced Investment Platform.

Up Your Investment Game and Proactively Spot Market Opportunities, whether you trade on technicals or fundamentals!

But First, Drum Roll!

Wait For It!!!!!!

Update to Trove Trading Fees

    • Trove’s fees & pricing have always been the most competitive in the market prior to now but guess what?! We thought about YOU, our #TroveTribe, and we are happy to announce that there are no more trade minimums when trading using the Trove platform.

Don’t Go Yet, There Is MoRe!!!


  • You can now fund your dollar wallets instantly on Trove! Yes, Yes, Go ahead and fund your wallets right away!


Trove introduces the much awaited ….TROVE PLUS!!!

Your personal investment analyst.


Your Market Insights Pro

Trove Plus Features:

  1. Your Personal Technical Analyst
    • Get Actionable Trade Ideas
    • Validate Your Investment Ideas
    • Monitor Your Ideas & Portfolio
    • Develop Your Investing Skillset
  • Fundamental Insights
    • Get Trading Ideas
    • Look up & define the value any Stock or ETF
    • “Value Screen” the companies you love
    • Develop Your Knowledge about Value Investing
  • Daily Trading Ideas in Your Inbox

Get Started with Technical Insights

  • Grow your technical analysis skill set
    • Find, validate, and time your investments
      • Find actionable trade ideas
      • Validate investment ideas
      • Monitor your ideas and portfolio


Technical Insights combines actionable, technical analysis on over 75,000 financial instruments (Stocks, ETFs, Indexes) to help Trove investors and traders optimize their trading strategies. Through a complete feature set of detailed, proactive analytics, educational guidance, and a plethora of customizable options, Technical Insight empowers investors of all skill levels to take control of their investments.

Suitable for beginners, intermediate and experts!

Our Technical Insight was awarded the “Best Specialist Award” at the Technical Analyst Awards!

Visit www.troveapp.co/plus to upgrade your existing Trove account or to begin your Trove journey ASAP!

Want to get started with our Technical Insights?!?

  • Check Any Stock
  • Filter The Market
  • Track Your Stocks With Alerts!
  • CHECK ANY STOCK or ETF and gain insights from price charts: Watch this two minutes video
  • Find out how trends or patterns of prices have changed over time and what those movements could interpret for the stock or ETF
  • FILTERING THE MARKET: Who doesn’t like a quick (we’ll call it) cheat sheet?!
    • You now have the power to screen through every publicly traded company! Our technical insights give you all the leverage you need!


Don’t say you weren’t told… watch this six minutes video to learn more.

  • TECHNICAL ALERTS: You asked & We Delivered!!!!
    • Monitor ALL your investments using the technical insights
    • Set up EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS that shows any moves or shifts on your investments, especially technical events… watch this two minutes video to explore.

Want to Learn More? Come With Us!


1.  Your landing page!

On this page, you will find a search bar, investment categories and different market opportunities based on company popularity, price direction, and trading volume. You will also find a list of your recent finds!

2. Explore a specific asset class.

Click “Stocks or ETFs” or “Index” to get started! Move quickly into our screener to find filter by:

  • Price
  • Volume
  • Market cap
  • Technical events

Bullish or Bearish opportunity

3. Already Know the specific investment?

Just type the ticker symbol or name into our search bar!

Launch Forward With Your Investment Ideas

Gas it all up! Validate Your Investment Ideas and Swing Swiftly Into Action!

Be confident in your trading decisions! Use an unbiased technical perspective to check where the market price is likely headed

1. Get Direction

Use the Summary Score in addition to the short, immediate and long term timeframes based on technical events. Dive deeper into any of these to get details of the analysis.

2. Be Aware of Active & Historical Technical Events

On the charts, check out all the active bullish and bearish Technical Events found. Deep dive into any to learn more about what it means for the stock price.

You can also “View Historical Events”

Monitor your ideas and portfolio

1. Subscribe to an idea

Use the screener to subscribe to any instrument and get email alerts on price actions directly to your inbox!

2. Set Up Your Alerts!

Use the alert wizard to stay updated on the movement of your portfolio or watch list. Open the wizard from any investment of interest and select the opportunities you’d like to get notified of.

3. Support & Resistance

As shown on the chart, our support and resistance levels keep you  up to date of significant price levels for the stocks/ETF to further help with potential entry and exit points and manage risk.

4. Set Your Stop Price.

Choose between a Percentage Based Stop or a Trove Plus Trailing Stop that uses proprietary algorithm factoring in the stock’s/ETF’s historical volatility to establish a stop at an “appropriate” distance from the current price.

Build your investing skillset

While our Technical Insight does the heavy lifting for you, the transparent analytics also allow you to deep dive as much as you like in order to learn more about the different technical events happening and how they can influence the instrument’s price!

Value Analyzer: Simple & Easy To Use!

Value Analyzer provides a simple and intuitive view of all the key value investing metrics for any stock, all on one page.
Remove the emotional aspect of investing, make better decisions, and achieve better performance in your self-directed portfolio!!!

  • Fully automate analysis using a wide range of fundamental factors eliminates the guesswork of determining the fair value for a stock.
  • Use the easy search bar to look up any stock and view a summary of its revenue history, debt-to-equity ratio, outstanding shares, dividends and much more.
  • Value Analyzer assesses all the key criteria to provide a simple visual traffic light indicating whether the stock is overvalued, near-fair value or even undervalued.
  • Use the value screener to find well-valued stocks or take a quick look at the featured stock page which will provide various stocks organized by industry.
  • Use the forecasting tool to see how the fair value of the company changes based on shifting assumptions for earnings growth.


Get acquainted with the Value Analyzer landing page:

1. Simple to use value lookup

Search for any stock by its symbol to evaluate its suitability based on the principles of value investing.

2. Your Inspiration Mountain – Get Trading IDEAS

Use our pre-screened ideas to augment your research skills. Find various investment opportunities currently considered as under-valued instruments.

3. Validate the Companies You Love & Want with our Value Screener!

Our Value Screener enables you to filter for all the specific criteria you want and deem important such as dividend yield, revenue consistency and growth, what exchange the instrument is listed on and much more!

4. Learn about Value Investing!

Under the education tab, you’ll find resources to build your knowledge base on the principles of value investing and how to determine fair value!

Pre-screened value stock reports

Our Value Analyzer offers you a daily list of pre-screened value stock ideas. Each opportunity identified will have exceeded a minimum threshold in several key categories including Fair Value price.

Did I just hear the genius in you get giddy?

Look up any stock of interest

Get an intuitive value analysis on any stock of your interest with the easy value lookup feature in our Value Analyzer. The Value Summary page for that stock will break down all the historical information such as stock price, dividends paid, outstanding shares and much more.

A Hot Topic: Your ROI!

Project your rate of return

Create “what if” scenarios to project the growth of your investment right from the summary page of the instrument.

5. How to interpret the research

Save time on analyzing the companies you are considering for your investments. Simply type in a ticker symbol, check up on a stock, and quickly understand the company strength and pricing analysis.

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