The Week In Review: One Thing We Love, One Thing We Hate, One Thing We’d Live For

You know what it is, let’s chop it up!

One Thing We Love

Intel Soars On New CEO, Pat Gelsinger
Dow Jones’ stock, Intel, soared as much as 13% after the company announced that Pat Gelsinger will replace the company’s current CEO, Bob Swan, in February. Gelsinger will also join the Intel board of directors once he joins the ship. Gelsinger is a highly respected CEO and an industry veteran, with more than four decades of technology and leadership experience, including 30 years at Intel where he began his career. Additionally, the company expects to exceed its previously anticipated 4th quarter 2020 revenue and earnings per share (EPS). The quarter’s results will be released Jan. 21, 2021. 

…that moment when your name prints monayy! It’s called brand equity.

One Thing We Hate 

Dropbox’s Layoffs
Dropbox said in an 8K filing released on Wednesday that it will cut 11% of its global workforce 🙁 Additionally, Dropbox also announced that Chief Operating Officer, Olivia Nottebohm, will leave the company in the coming weeks. The company’s stock dropped more than 3.5% immediately following the news. The move will affect 315 people, who were planned to be notified by the end of the business day on wednesday. Dropbox’s CEO, Drew Houston, said “The steps we’re taking today are painful, but necessary.” Although Dropbox committed to preserving job security through 2020, the business is saying it needs to make this move in “order to create a healthy and thriving business for the future.”

2021 Pls.

One Thing We’d Live For

NIO’s Run Up

Is anyone up to the task to dethrone Tesla as King of electric vehicles? 

It is no longer news that Chinese rival, NIO, has partnered with NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) to develop a new generation of self-driving vehicles. NVIDIA has introduced NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin, a highly advanced software-defined platform for autonomous vehicles and robots. NVIDIA’s DRIVE Orin “system-on-a-chip” will power E7 sedan technology and is scheduled to first appear in 2022. The company also announced a new ET7 version with a more powerful battery pack, offering a drive range of over 620 miles. The news was delivered during their NIO Day and had a high impact on their share price, which has raced to a new all time high. 

How we interpret this news:

Analyst Corner

Today in our analyst corner, we bring you the delightful Chibby O.! …and he is challenging our knowledge on ETFs and it’s correlation to a Christmas Tree! Curious to understand the intersection?
Run off to the blog right about now to read this juicy piece of turkey suya!!

Okay, someone had way too much to eat over the holidays ^_^

…and there you have it!
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