Christmas Tree ETF Portfolio

Just about everyone is back at work now and many Christmas trees have been ditched, they are usually put up at the start of December and taken down early in January. Is it socially acceptable to have a Christmas tree on display all year round? let me know your thoughts, I have a Christmas tree ETF portfolio idea that is staying up for the next year at least (likely even longer). How do you build a portfolio tree that would be up for years? It is possible. Same with a portfolio. Here is how I have put mine together, Looking to the future! Let’s do this. 

The Base of the Tree

S&P 500 Vanguard ETF (VOO) – You need a solid base that can hold up for the year, a wobbly base will wear out during the year. As such we are going with old reliable here S&P 500, a well-diversified basket that can withstand almost anything, it can drop yes, but it always seems to bounce back, so whether the market crashes or not, vaccines or not, covid or not, our base will very likely bounce back.

The Decoration: Lights, Ornaments, Candy bars, and Tinsel

Lights, Ornaments, Candy – Ark Web x.0 ETF (ARKW) These make your tree nice and colourful to look at and provide contrast to the background ARKW give this, holding nice names like Tesla, Spotify, Square, Slack, Pinterest, and a Bitcoin Investment Trust (so you own bitcoin by proxy without needing to understand crypto wallets etc) you see this is a pretty looking pick that has done a good job beautifying many portfolios and with no sign of relenting seeing as these companies are likely to keep being prominent features in our lives.   

Tinsel – US GLOBAL JETS ETF (JETS) – Tinsel goes all around the tree from top to bottom. I am using JETS for this, Airlines, they go all around the world, all year round, it has been a tough year but looking at 2021 there could be a comeback for travel. So we are going with JETS to circle the world from the bottom to the rising to the top.   

The Star

iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (ICLN) – The star is a beacon that should guide the wise men to where they need to go. We want something that can be a beacon, looking to the future and telling us where the world should be going, something, futuristic. Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) investing, is an area we will be looking into more this year, for now, we will pick a clean energy favourite that has done well this year and with President-Elect Biden as president (America back in the Paris Climate Agreement) this has more potential to grow this  

I plan to keep track of the growth pattern of my tree. What are your thoughts, what you change? What is missing? Tell me in the comments or sign up for our creative funds content

Remember, not investment advice, this is just A Christmas Tree. Happy New Year 

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