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Why should I Buy Stocks as Valentine’s Gift?

You know how you hear a song and it sticks to your brain like a magnet? That’s my current situation with this Valentine’s song I heard some days back 😂. Anyway, it’s gonna keep me in a Val mood throughout this article 🍭

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. One of the qualities of valentine’s gifts is thoughtfulness. “You say you love me, yeah? Then, show me how”. Then you go all out thinking and looking for the perfect gift(s) to express that thoughtfulness. Sometimes, you don’t see the perfect gift but you try to get a nearly-perfect gift. However, I think you’ve not looked at one place.

How about a gift that expresses thoughtfulness and financial benefits in one? See? Such a smart idea!

Stocks are one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to a loved one for valentine’s day. 

Not every time chocolates and flowers 🤪. 

And you know the most amazing thing? Your lover is going to love it because who says no to money? 

Here’s why Stocks are the Perfect Gifts for Valentine’s Day

1. Stocks are unique and thoughtful

If you rank gifts on a scale of 1 – 10, stocks stand tall at number 1. Nobody comes close! [Shall you argue with your keyboard?] Stocks (as a gift) show that you really and truly thought about a gift that can stand out and have the potential to increase in value over time.

2. They are a great long-term investment

If you talk about timing, this is a perfect time to get stocks as gifts. Consumer spending is typically high at this time, because of the season. So it is super smart to buy a gift for this season and beyond. So, instead of getting them an Apple phone, you could get them a bunch of Apple stocks. Even beyond Valentine’s season, stocks tend to increase in value for years to come. You can call it a gift that keeps on giving! 😉

3. Shows you care about their financial success

What better way to say “I care about your financial growth” than to get a gift that boosts exactly that? 

Gifting your partner stocks is a great way to introduce them to the world of financial independence through investing because as their assets gain in the market, they earn returns. To make it more fun, you could get stocks for them in industries they care about. For example, if they love fashionable bags and sneakers, you could get them stock from Nike or Gucci. 

4. Creates a fun and educative experience

Learning can be a fulfilling experience especially when it boosts your wallet. Investing in the stock market is a great way to learn about stocks, how it works and how to improve your chances of earning more from the market. Learning this new material together can be a way to bond and have fun with your partner😍

The sweet thing is you don’t need to sweat about it because luckily for you, our team has made learning about stocks fun and smooth with Trove University on the Trove app,  and other educational platforms like our newsletter and social media pages. 

In other words, we gotcha! 😀

5. A gift of financial independence

One of the ways you can inspire your partner to take charge of their financial future is through investing in the stock market. As the stocks increase in value, so do their finances.  You win, they win, and You both win 🎉

Where can I find stocks to give?

You can gift your loved ones stocks using the Trove app.

Who can you gift stocks to?

There’s no limit to who you can gift stocks to. They’re perfect gifts for anyone! From your romantic partner, friends, siblings, parents, and kids, the list is quite bottomless. Besides valentine’s gifts, they could serve as birthday gifts too and other celebratory occasions should not be left behind!

How can I gift stocks?

Gifting stocks on the Trove app is as easy as ABC. 

  • Download the Trove app
  • Go to “menu” and click “Stock Gifts”
  • Enter the recipient’s details like their email and phone number
  • Personalise the gift name. You could also write a romantic or sweet letter to the recipient here.
  • Choose the stock you want to gift
  • Add cash amount of the stocks you’d like to gift
  • Review your gift and hit “Done”

And voila! Your gift is on the way to your lover! 💑

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