The Week In Review: One Thing We Love, One Thing We Hate, One Thing We’d Live For

We all saw America swear in a new administration yesterday and we all are hopeful for the administration, and especially for the stock market! #BiStocks 🏾

Now unto the business of the day… but still talking politics.

One Thing We Love

Have you heard? Therapeutic Stocks are on FAYA firefirefire

Probably the Biden-effect? This week, the focus of the stock market strayed away from EV stocks. Trailing the inauguration, this industry has been soaring! It’s difficult to not correlate the share-price-spike with the president taking the oath of office but let’s hear you try? Tag us on social media: @trovefinance. 

Most science-related and therapeutic stocks have enjoyed the skyhigh rise  of a lifetime. 

  • Obalon Therapeutic Inc. was up 136% at the beginning of Wednesday’s trading hours.
  • Caladrius Biosciences, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, was up 155% just an hour into Wednesday’s trading.
  • Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc did about ~200% between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wait. Did you see that coming? Did you catch it? Why didn’t you tell me?!

One Thing We Hate 

A whopping $7 billion loss. Sheesh!!!

A bit on airlines. We thought we were, by a stroke of luck, out of the rot… but boy oh boy United Airlines’ Losses Mounts, bruh.
United airline posted its fourth straight quarterly loss as it struggled in the coronavirus pandemic. United posted a net loss of $1.9 billion in Q4 2020, from a $641 million profit a year earlier. E. Be Thingz. Fourth-quarter revenue fell 69% to $3.41 billion, misses analysts’ estimates of $3.44 billion. The full year 2020 net loss amounted to $7.07 Billion. The airline expects first-quarter 2021 revenue to be down 65% to 70%, compared with the same period of 2019. Sooooo no hope in sight, just yet. On Wednesday, the company said it expects to surpass its pre-pandemic margins by 2023 [yea, two more years before sunshine] but warned that sales would suffer in early 2021 as the Covid health crisis waxes stronger.

 [Father Be A Fence] Could $30BG give United Airlines a hand?

One Thing We’d Live For

You know me? Who? Geng. Chilling with the “most-high” geng. Jack is Back!
After what looks like a three-months-disappearance from the public, the Group Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, has gleefully re-appeared. A video of Jack surfaced on a Chinese government-backed TV station on Wednesday, when he spoke to a group of teachers by video, easing concern about his unusual absence from the limelight and thus sent shares of the e-commerce giant surging. Almost like, Keep Calm, Y’all. Big Papa is here. This news has made the company’s stock soar ~8.5% higher. Jack was seen in a 50-second video, wearing a navy pullover, although it was unclear where the room was or what building he was speaking from.

Cryptic. The mystery continues… after this momentary intermission.

…and goodbye it is!

Wanna know more about how the inauguration affected the market on day one? We got you, this weekend… It’s finna be another party up in here 🙂



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