Uber’s got 99 problems and a potential $500m loss is one 😱

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Lamborghini Mercy

Oops… Not Kanye? Not why we’re here? Sigh.

Would you have imagined a rise in sales of super pricey vehicles during the lockdown? E shock you too? I mean, who you tryna impress, fam? Where did they even drive to?? High-key though, Lamborghini said it recorded its highest profit ever in the company’s history in 2020. Ameannnnn! Come on, Lambo!!! The firm, owned by Volkswagen, said its performance was fueled by demand in China, which is set to overtake Germany as its second largest market this year for the first time. Earnings were also boosted by strong income from its “limited special series” models. God when??? Although the company sold 7,430 cars globally in 2020, a number lower than what was sold in 2019, the company recorded a higher profit in 2020 from the sales of its expensive and customized supercars.

Make it make sense… 

Uber and its drivers 

Still talking cars. Over 70,000 Uber drivers will now be classified as workers of the company. Yay for the social cause… but what does this mean for the company? This means that drivers will be entitled to a minimum wage, sick pay, pension plan and even holidays. Why, you may ask? Great question. Last month, Uber lost in the UK’s Supreme Court and the terms of the outcome means that the company might lose over $500 million to this new development. 

…somebody say a prayer
Yes, for the sharing car hailing company. Uber’s leadership team right now: 

Ready? Set. Fly. But. Say Goodbye to $free.99 Plane Tickets.

Yes, vaccinations are in. Covid has been shown the door. Pack your bags, Mr. Covid-19. Please make your way outta our lives. The airports are pouring with folks just hitchhiking the not so free ‘rides’ …and some, “just to get away.”  Thinking about finally nailing that awol? Yea, you and everybody else, yo. Many of us have been cooped up for the past year, but not anymore! We are hitting the road and taking to the skies, as more people get vaccinated against Covid-19. Last week, President Biden said all American adults will be eligible for a vaccine by May. Yay!! Invariably, folks are excited at the thought of some level of normalcy and so are airlines and hotels. They are ready to cashapp…cashout! Travel-search for summer travel is said to have been up 27% each week since Biden’s announcement and by comparison, accompanying airfares for top 100 most-searched U.S. destinations are up 7% month-over-month.

Patagonia, Seychelles, Monaco? Any takers? Let’s get it!

Yet Another Oil Saga in Nigeria

On Wednesday, an Italian court acquitted Royal Dutch Shell and Italy’s Eni of $1.1 Billion (920 million Euro) of corruption in one of the oil industry’s biggest court cases centered around the acquisition of a Nigerian oilfield in 2011.”After almost three years of trial, the judgment by the court has finally established that the company, the CEO, Claudio Descalzi and the management involved in the proceedings have all behaved in a lawful and correct manner,” Eni said in a statement. In 2011, Eni and Shell paid $1.3 billion dollars for a license on OPL 245, a giant Nigerian offshore oilfield estimated to hold nine billion barrels of crude. The money was paid to the Nigerian government, but Italian prosecutors believed that $1.1 billion ended in the pockets of Nigerian politicians and middlemen, including former oil minister Dan Etete.

*fadinggggg* I can’t breath…

There you have it!

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