Freezing Space, Time & Energy. Yes, Literally!

Good week? Good weekend? Niceeee!
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Okie Doks Smokes, let’s jump right in.

Amazon on Mobile Service?

Amazon likely to partner with Dish on mobile service, Boost Mobile founder says… and we just outchea like Will Amazon Ever Stapp!?! penetrating every industry? hah! Word on the street is that the company is likely to start a test outside the U.S. for a potential mobile wireless phone service and may eventually partner with Dish (DISH) in the U.S.
This is hot from the press news and there’s little on it for now… but we will see where the chips fall! #FingersCrossed

Elon’s “High” on Tesla’s BTC

Isn’t it easy to say it seems high when you’ve made about $1billion on BTC (Bitcoin)? Elon’s run up to the World’s wealthiest man stage was in part because of TSLA’s aggressive and relentless rallies. Yes, multiple rallies in 2020, guys… but that’s not why we’re here. So summary of the gist is this: Elon invested Tesla’s funds in BTC and made a boatload out of it ALREADY. Sigh. Just BRILLIANT. Guess what man’s saying right now though? Billionaire CEO Elon Musk said on Saturday the price of bitcoin and ethereum seemed high. Laughing in swahili!!!!

He said, “That said, BTC & ETH do seem high lol” but let’s just leave this here.

The Big Freeze in Texas

The Texas cold snap left millions shivering and without heat and wreaked havoc on energy markets. There was the banter that Nigerians in Texas, you know, raised by NEPA, were very well equipped for the occasion. They seemed to have prepped their entire lives for the moment(s) but I digress LOOOL! Onto serious business: Brent oil surged above $60 a barrel for the first time in more than a year on Tuesday because the power outages due to the unusual winter storm (in that side of the country) and deep freeze brought much of the U.S. South to a complete halt. It  disrupted crude production and forced the shutdown of some of the nation’s biggest oil and petroleum refineries. Natural-gas futures rose 5.7%. Futures in London traded above $63 a barrel after rising 1.4% Monday, their highest levels in 13 months. Gasoline futures rose 4.3%. Just so you know, natural gas is burned to generate electricity and heat and its price tends to rise during cold snaps. 

There’s always a silver lining, perhaps? Because them days were ROUGH, fam!

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Wishing Y’all Everything: Brilliant, Excellent, …and Serene.


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