Access Global Opportunities

What does Access look like?

What does it mean for something to be near yet so far away? 

They are all around. In the morning when you pick up your phone, chances are that you’re using an iPhone ($APPL) or a Google Pixel ($GOOG), then you go to bathe with a product from Procter & Gamble ($PG) or the Unilever Group ($UL). 

The point is, these companies are part of our daily lives – whether it is scrolling through your Twitter feed ($TWTR) in an Uber ($UBER) during the day or catching up with an intercontinental meeting with Zoom ($ZM). 

Till now, you may have been confined to being just the consumer. We have changed the story – now you can own some of the best stocks in the world with a few clicks.

This is what access looks like:

The United States of America plays host to the global reserve currency, the US Dollar. With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of about $22.7 trillion, it is the world’s biggest economy. The USA has more than 4,000 companies listed on its exchanges with global tech players like Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and the like. 

At a close second and touted to overtake the United States of America economically is China. China has a GDP of about $15.6 trillion. There are over 3,000+ companies listed on Chinese bourses – with 1,673 companies in the manufacturing industry. 

Nigeria also boasts of 156 companies listed on the Nigerian Exchange Group (NGX) with the majority of its activity from companies in the industrials, financial services, and oil & gas verticals.

Time to own your piece of the Globe

You would no longer be limited to your host geography. You can get access to market actions around the globe like the Shanghai Composite (China) that returned 12.57% in 2020. The S&P 500 (United States of America) returned 15.29% (2020) and is currently giving mouthwatering year-to-date (YTD) returns of 23.4% in 2021.  Interestingly, the Nigerian Stock Market Index performed remarkably in 2020 returning 49.88% adjudged best performing in the world. The world is up for grabs.

With Trove, you can now trade over 10,000 financial instruments (stocks, ETFs, bonds, etc) from the United States of America, Europe, Nigeria, and China. Own the Globe with Trove

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