First Off…A Happy Mother’s Day To Our Trove Moms

Happy Fabulous Mother’s Day to all our Trove moms and would-be moms!!!

To those who raised us to be thoughtful, independent, hardworking and empathetic, thank you for leaving your footprints in the sand of time.

We love you fiercely!

…because we stand on the shoulder of those who came before

OKurrrr, Miss Me?
Your Fav Stocks Market New Gist Partner is back on zaa block!
Let’s get it! Quick & Nimble!


How did the company partially offset the dramatic slide in ride-sharing activity during the pandemic, with huge growth in its food-delivery business? Fascinating!!! Uber was like #WEMOVEE!Soo post pandemic, will the tables flip back? Will the company retain & continue to drive the strong growth in both parts of the business, as the world shifts to a post-pandemic environment? According to Daiwa Capital analyst Jairam Nathan, he thinks Uber can have it both ways. On Friday, Jairam lifted his rating on the company to Buy from Outperform, and kept his $68 target price. The upgrade, he writes in a research note, reflects indications from the company of an accelerating rebound in rides without any material sign of a slowdown in deliveries. Invariably, shares of Uber were up 1.3% on Friday to $59.67. The stock is up 17% so far this year and 164% over the past 12 months.

What shall we say to these things? Movement IS IN …motion!!!
Yes, pun intended

China-made Model Y

What’s a car sales slump where Tesla is present?

Tesla’s Model Y is off to a solid ‘open’ in China, less than three months since deliveries began. According to data released on Wednesday by the China Passenger Car Association, Tesla’s Model Y was the third best-selling electric car in China in February. Tesla’s Model Y was popular even though car sales typically fall during the week-long Lunar New Year holiday, which happened in February this year. Levels dey sha! Tesla announced on the New Year’s Day the China-made mid-size SUV would begin deliveries at a price that Chinese media said was 30% cheaper than previously announced. Chinese electric car start-ups Xpeng and Li Auto both announced a sharp drop in deliveries in February to just over 2,000 vehicles each and low forecasts for the first quarter. Rival Nio led the group with roughly twice the deliveries in February and a much higher guidance for the quarter. Nonetheless, the data shows Chinese start-ups still lag bigger automakers in China’s electric vehicle market. 

Do I hear ‘Room For Growth”?

Wharton on Stocks?

Finance Professor at Wharton, Jeremy Siegel, predicts the stock market would be up another 10% this year as Covid stimulus adds fuel. On Thursday, Jeremy said he believes stocks will still move higher this year, even in the face of rising bond yields and inflation concerns. Fortune Tellers up in here. In an interview, the finance professor said the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, which President Joe Biden hopes to sign into law Friday, is just “more fuel on the fire, so to speak.” He continued, “eventually there will be a Fed tightening and eventually that tightening is going to pressure stocks, and that fear of that, I think, is beginning to come through now,” Siegel said, in reference to the choppy atocks trading over the recent weeks, as investors accommodated a rapid increase in the yield on the 10-year Treasury. “But when I see the amount of stimulus come, I can see another 10% rise in stock prices, 10%, 12% this year then the Fed gets more worried and the leveling off 2022, 2023,” Siegel said. “We’re going to get those little fears that are coming through, but it’s going to be overwhelmed, I think, by the strength of the economy and the rise of corporate earnings,” he added.

Let’s all hope he is right!

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