How Deep Is Your Dip?

How are you faring?!? Especially with the market conditions? Shall we stay strong together? I mean I can understand that it is a bit nerve wracking. However, hopefully your portfolio is diversified, so perhaps that can act as a shock absorber? Otherwise, it’s never a bad time to rethink your strategy, revise your purchases and rebalance your portfolio.

A few nuggets for the road:

Intel. Chips. Biden.

Are you aware that there’s been a global shortage of semiconductors and it’s affecting everything from auto production to computer availability? If you’re wondering why this is happening, it’s simple: Covid-19 and the work-from-home demand. Very strong demand for computing equipment — from laptops used for work from home to technology in new cars — during the COVID-19 pandemic. To combat this shortage, Intel has pledged $20Billion to build two new factories. Additionally, the Biden administration is also pushing for a $34 Billion fund to boost further production in the US. However, it takes years for this type of facility to be built unfortunately, so we might not see an immediate effect of all this effort. 

WeWork: IPO-ing

Probably the biggest player in the market for flexible office space, WeWork, has finally made its way to some type of an IPO. WeWork is one of the few companies that received massive funding from SoftBank, which totaled approximately $11 Billion. We know, for sure, that a large percentage of that funding is underwater as SoftBank later told investors that it valued WeWork at $2.9 billion. E. B. Thingz. How did WeWork manage its high-profile failure to launch a traditional IPO nearly two years ago? The company has agreed to merge with a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) in a deal to take the shared-office provider public. The planned merger with the BowX Acquisition Corp. SPAC values WeWork at $9 billion including debt, both companies announced Friday.

WeWorking or sitting this one out? 

A Bitcoin Tesla

Late Tuesday, Elon musk made a simple but powerful tweet: you can now buy Tesla with Bitcoin… and there we have it: making purchases with the coin has only just begun. Although it’s unclear how many customers will take advantage of the option, this is a follow-up development from the company, earlier announced in February. Even though Bitcoin, so far, has proven to be volatile, many regard it as a long-term investment, and not a currency. In the eyes of the government though, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered as assets, just like stock or bonds and any other type of asset.

Me rolling with my punches as the dip continues to dip: 

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