The Juggernauty Divorce

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How I feel right now sending this to you:

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One Thing We Love

Facebook’s penetration abilities… and that’s on periodt!
The company’s workplace software has just reached seven million paid subscribers, a huge 40% jump from where it was in May last year. Facebook built Workplace to be able to manage their internal team but realized that other organizations would benefit from it. [Looks like that’s what FB is good at. Remember they initially built FB for students on the Harvard campus]. Although still a far cry from its competitors, Microsoft Teams with 145 million daily active users and Slack’s 12 million daily active users, but you-know-what-they-say! A win IS A WIN! It would interest you to know that companies like Spotify and Starbucks are among the users of Workplace, so yes, they’ve bagged some big names too. Facebook has also announced a number of new features on the Workplace platform, such as, a new live Q&A experience, an integration with Microsoft 365 and Google’s G Suite calendar apps, and a number of new diversity features, including different skin tones for emoji and a feature that allows users to show their colleagues the correct way to pronounce their name.

Toeeeeee—Mmmieee From Troveeee
Yea, we might need that feature here too 😉

One Thing We Hate

Whew. The divorce. E shock you? 

Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced after a marriage that lasted 27 WHOLE years and birthed three children. Both juggernauts got paired up in 1994 after they met at work (yea, Microsoft was the ‘cupid’). Melinda was a general manager and of course, we all know who Bill was/is. According to the used-to-be couple, they will still keep working together on their charitable efforts. No news has been released on the financial implications of this on the company. However, there might be some financial implications on Bill Gates’ net worth. 

Who knows who said what to who? but re-enacting the conversation below…

One Thing We’d Live For

Ride-hailing company, Lyft, is showing more signs of pandemic recovery as its revenue is up 7% in the last quarter. Lyft exceeded Wall Street’s rider expectations for its first quarter. Though the company reported a loss of 35 cents, it was still less than the 53 cents predicted by Refinitiv analysts survey. It also nailed $609 million of revenue vs. $558.7 million expected by Refinitiv.

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